Go Solar in Montebello

Your Meter Going Backwards

Meter Going Backward


Montebello Housing Development Corporation

1619 Paramount Blvd, Montebello  CA  90640

The site is a 2 story commercial office building with 15 Suites, and 16 meters.  One meter is for the building.  The building is owned by Montebello Housing Development Corproation.  They currently use 2 Suites.  Because of SCE regulations each suite has their own power meter so each solar panel system has to be designed per suite, with it’s own power inverter and connected to each suites specific meter.

The building faces almost North – South, with the north end of the building being west of north by about 15 degrees.  See Google Map picture below.  May have to build a covered ‘cage’ on roof to hold the power inverters on roof.

Optimal position of the solar panels will be at 19 degrees, south facing.  Because of the trees on the south west corner, that may be slightly modified to face more easterly to compensate.  Existing air conditioning electrical conduits should be sufficient for our needs.  A roof top rack mount for  supporting power inverters will probably have to be provided by us as the existing electrical closet is full.


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