Go Solar in Montebello

Your Meter Going Backwards

Meter Going Backward

Mission Statement

“Community, Community, Community!”

We recognize that from within our own Community, and Community of Communities, we can best achieve our own success, growth, and support.  From our Community comes our employees and our customers, and all are part of our family and Community as we recognize the need and value of each other.  We also remember it is not wise to compromise long term goals over short term gains.

With Community in mind, we persevere to provide the best in jobs and opportunity for our employees, and the best in ecological and green energy related products and services for our customers.

(“ACSS”, pronounced “Access”) is a social entrepreneurial, for-profit company designed to create good, local, well paying, long term, jobs, with full benefits in locally installing solar panel systems and associated products and in research and development for our best solutions in our Community markets.

By keeping strict control on costs, maintaining reasonable  non-excessive profits, seeking long term customers over quick term profits, our installed solar panel systems are always significantly lower in price over our competition.  We have only one level of profit in our solar panel installations as we provide complete turnkey solar solutions.  We use Solutions Oriented Sales, with profit sharing based employees / Associates.  No commission based sales.  Because of all this we always
Guarantee the Lowest Competitive Price and the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE!